4 Ways Staffing Offices Help Businesses

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4 Ways Staffing Offices Help Businesses

30 September 2019
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Putting the right people into the best jobs for their talents is one of the great challenges that companies face. Whether a business is big enough to have its own HR department or is small enough that the owner, boss, and hiring manager are all the same person, a little help is always appreciated. Staffing offices are firms that provide services to match prospective employees with businesses that need their skills. If you're curious about how they can help your organization, consider these four benefits.

Testing of Applicants

It's hard for even the best multinational corporations on the planet to say that candidate X easily is the best hire versus candidate Y, even in fields with well-defined criteria for professionalism and excellence. Testing from staffing offices serves both the new hires and their employers because it provides a level of confidence that they'll be on the job for a while.

Suppose a college student wants to hire on at a company that needs skills in Microsoft Excel. How do they truly convey their wizardry at creating macros and working with VBA except to put it as a line item in a resume? Testing lets the best candidates jump past the resume-submission line and get to the employers who need them.


If a company isn't 100% sure what its long-term staffing needs are going to be, it can be difficult to put offers out there to candidates. Working with staffing offices makes it easier to put on personnel, see how well the fit works and move on if there are issues or if the economy turns a bit sour. This sort of flexibility can help companies that have seasonal needs and ones that just aren't sure how far they plan to build out their teams.

Opportunity to Hire

Most staffing firms are open to transferring workers to their clients if everything turns out perfectly. This can make it easier to establish a probationary period, and it also gives the employee something to work toward. If someone's a great fit and you want to offer them a higher position, all you have to do is tell the staffing company and do some paperwork to handle the transfer.

Dealing with Payroll

Smaller businesses, in particular, can benefit from having someone else handle payroll and taxes. This can allow you to focus on providing products and services, and employees get the benefit of knowing that every pay cycle will come and go smoothly.

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