3 Reasons To Have A Real Estate Chimney Inspection

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3 Reasons To Have A Real Estate Chimney Inspection

16 May 2023
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While a routine home inspection might include a basic chimney check, you should consider paying for a specialist report. During a routine check, an inspector might only look for obvious and visible problems; a specialist will do a more in-depth assessment.

What are the benefits of having a separate chimney inspection before you buy a property?

1. Check That the Chimney Is Operational

If you want to use fireplaces on the property, then you should check that the chimney is in a suitable working condition. You don't want to move into the house and then discover that you need to pay to get the chimney in fire-ready order.

A chimney inspector will assess whether the chimney is in good working order and is safe to use. For example, they'll check it for bird nests and blockages that might affect its clearance and venting. They can tell you if the chimney needs to be cleaned before you can use it.

2. Check That the Chimney Is Structurally Sound

Even if a chimney looks good from the ground, it might have hidden structural problems. For example, it might have support problems that could make it more likely to fall in a high wind. Its external or internal brickwork might be damaged. Or, its flashing might have broken down and caused a leak into the roof.

A weakened chimney is an accident waiting to happen. If a chimney falls, it can damage its roof. Or, it can damage property or injure people on the ground.

Your report either gives you the reassurance that you won't have a costly repair bill in the near future. Or, it will outline any work that needs to be done.

3. Check That the Chimney Is Safe

If a chimney has some internal problems, then it becomes a safety hazard. It can spark a fire in the property and help it spread. It can also release deadly carbon monoxide fumes.

For example, build-ups of creosote or soot can start a fire in a chimney. If it has a venting fault or blockage, then carbon monoxide fumes can build up and blow back into the house. Your inspector can check whether the chimney is safe or whether it poses a safety risk.

A chimney inspection gives you peace of mind if all is well. If the chimney has a problem, then you can talk to the current owner about how to deal with it. For example, they might be prepared to pay for repairs or to reduce the price of the property to meet these costs.

To find out more, contact real estate inspection services.